Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Druckenmiller 30% in Gold

At the end of 2015 Stanley Druckenmiller held 30% of the $1bn Duquesne family office fund in GLD. Druckenmiller accumulated around $1,200 during early/mid 2015.
Druckenmiller tipped his hand when he gave a speech during Q2 2015 where he said the following:    “Our monetary policy is so much more reckless and so much more aggressively pushing the people in this room and everybody else out the risk curve that we're doubling down on the same policy that really put us there (in the 2008 financial crisis) and enabled those bad actors to do what they do. Now, no matter what you want to say about them, if we had had five or six percent interest rates, it (the housing bubble) would have never happened because they couldn't have gotten the money to do it.......This is crazy stuff we're doing. So, I would say you have to be on alert to that ending badly. Is it for sure going to end badly? Not necessarily. I don't quite know how we get out of this, but it's possible.”

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